This is a traditional Uruguyan dish called Milenesas. (Amazing!) It is a breaded steak. The way I do it isn't exact, but a simple concept to grab and run with.


1 Roast thinly sliced (ask your butcher to do this for you) or use 2 pounds ground hamburger meat made into patties about the size of hamburger (not too thick though)
6 eggs scrambled (not cooked)
4 cups fine bread crumbs
4 cups oil

Take the cut roast and dip into uncooked scrambled eggs soaking throughly. Then take sliced roast and cover in bread crumbs creating a breaded coat on the roast slice. Dip once more into the uncooked scrambled eggs. Set aside and repeat with remaining slices of roast. You've created a milenesa.

After completing first Milenesa piece take 4 cups oil and begin heating oil in frying pan (I usually go on a low temperature.)

Once you've completed all of the roasts don't wait long to do the next step.

Test oil in frying pan to see if oil is ready for frying. Drop a tiny piece of bread crumb to see if it cooks it. If it does you are ready to put in your first Milenesa. If not wait a few minutes and test once more.

When ready put a Milenesa into the frying pan. Allow it to cook on both sides until golden brown (or slightly darker if you prefer).

Let the Milenesas drip the oil off of them. Allow to air dry. Do not cover.

Enjoy with Pure de Papas (mashed potatoes), Romalacha (tomato salad), and mayonnaise to dip the milenesa to dip in.

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